“…I had less to decide than to remember.”

I have a surgery date!!!!     December 11, 2018. It feels so, so good to have a surgery date.  FINALLY, something that is known and concrete!  The uncertainty was excruciating. I never knew how much making commitments meant to me until suddenly I felt I could not make any commitments or plans, because at any… Continue reading “…I had less to decide than to remember.”


Kimchi, blankies, cash, weed, and cookies

Friends keep dropping by gifts or sending them home with Brian.  Russ and Allison bring a big jar of Russ’s homemade kimchi. Allison stops by with pastries.  MK sends cookies home. A package comes in the mail: The Cancer Diaries by Audre Lorde from Dartricia in Atlanta.  Brian’s mom Susan sends a cozy blanket and… Continue reading Kimchi, blankies, cash, weed, and cookies

wish list

 If you'd like to send a gift, check out my wish list.  I am personally trying, and encouraging others, to not use Amazon 🙂  There's not a lot on there right now, and what is on there is expensive, sorry!  I may update the wishlist during treatment when I know what I'll actually want/need.