Kimchi, blankies, cash, weed, and cookies

Friends keep dropping by gifts or sending them home with Brian.  Russ and Allison bring a big jar of Russ’s homemade kimchi. Allison stops by with pastries.  MK sends cookies home. A package comes in the mail: The Cancer Diaries by Audre Lorde from Dartricia in Atlanta.  Brian’s mom Susan sends a cozy blanket and… Continue reading Kimchi, blankies, cash, weed, and cookies


wish list

 If you'd like to send a gift, check out my wish list.  I am personally trying, and encouraging others, to not use Amazon 🙂  There's not a lot on there right now, and what is on there is expensive, sorry!  I may update the wishlist during treatment when I know what I'll actually want/need.