Kimchi, blankies, cash, weed, and cookies

Friends keep dropping by gifts or sending them home with Brian.  Russ and Allison bring a big jar of Russ’s homemade kimchi. Allison stops by with pastries.  MK sends cookies home. A package comes in the mail: The Cancer Diaries by Audre Lorde from Dartricia in Atlanta.  Brian’s mom Susan sends a cozy blanket and a card. Maya gives me two lightweight robes with pockets for after surgery. People check on me via text.  Isaiah and Jessi check on me until I Facetime them or return their calls (I need this).

The Camino employees get together and give me all of the remaining shared tip money in cash, a t shirt that says “FUCK CANCER”, a big bag of weed, and a card full of loving notes.

Having cancer is a full-time job (a stressful job with a lot of deadlines and bureaucracy).  Gifts, texts, messages, food, and packages are magic spells of love that buoy me through so I can wake up again and make more phone calls and go to more doctor’s appointments.


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