On October 23rd 2018, at age 34, I got the phone call – I had been diagnosed with Stage 0 breast cancer, called ductal carcinoma in situ.  The lump in my left breast was a tumor 6-7 centimeters across, along with multi-focal cancer cells scattered across the entire top half of my breast.

Since that day I have been on an emotional rollercoaster of medical testing, waiting for test results, reading everything I can about cancer, making lots of phone calls, and spending many hours in doctor’s offices.

With breast cancer comes difficult decision-making.  Which treatment is right?  Which doctors should I see?  Which surgeries and reconstruction options should I get?  All while reeling from the shock of the diagnosis and what it could mean for life after treatment.

And there are longer-term questions – How will I learn to love my body before, during, and after treatment?  How will I incorporate all of this into my identity?  What can I learn from my cancer experience?   What am I going to wear?!

Join me here as I share thoughts, feeling, experiences, and updates from cancer-land.

All my love,



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